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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mercedes Car Group boosts sales in August to 88,600 units
The numbers for August were very good for Mercedes. Today, they released the worldwide numbers for the Mercedes Group. Mercedes-Benz sales were up three percent in August to 81,700 passenger cars. Since July, the E-Class is once again the international market leader for upper-range automobiles, and the S-class has also been selling well, since the introduction of the new generation. Even the sales of SUVs more than doubled in the first eight months to 103,200 units.

Stuttgart, Sep 07, 2006 Worldwide sales of Mercedes Car Group passenger cars rose in August 2006 by 1.2 percent to 88,600 units (August 2005: 87,600). In the first eight months of the year, deliveries of Mercedes Benz, Maybach, and smart brand cars rose by seven percent to the record figure of 818,200 units (Jan.- August 2005: 765,200).

Mercedes-Benz worldwide sales were up by three percent in August to 81,700 passenger cars (August 2005: 79,200). From January through August, the number of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars delivered to customers increased by 11 percent to the all-time-high of 739,800 units (Jan.-August 2005: 667,400).

In the U.S., deliveries of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars again posted a record, with sales up by seven percent to 20,600 units in August. A new sales record was also set in the Asia/Pacific region, with sales increasing 19 percent to 9,200 units. At 44,300 units (August 2005: 45,200 units), Mercedes-Benz sales in Western Europe remained nearly stable in August, despite an overall decline of the markets.

The S-Class continuous to expand its leading world-market position in the luxury segment. Since the beginning of the year, 61,500 S-Class sedans have been handed over to their new owners. The S-Class is the number one vehicle in its segment for both diesel cars and vehicles powered by 12 cylinder engines.

Mercedes-Benz is also continuing to grow rapidly in the SUV segment. Global deliveries of M-, R-, GL- and G-Class vehicles have more than doubled to 103,200 units during the first eight months of 2006, due to the expanded range of models offered and the rapid growth in sales of the second-generation M-Class. In Germany and Western Europe, Mercedes-Benz is the best-selling premium brand in the SUV segment.

Since June, the new generation E-Class has been gradually introduced to its key markets, receiving very positive customer response. Featuring new engines, pioneering safety equipment and cutting-edge lighting systems, the new E-Class sets standards in the upper-range segment and has regained its internationally leading market position since July. A total of 19,300 E Class vehicles were delivered to customers worldwide in August.

The smart brand delivered 6,900 vehicles to customers worldwide in August 2006. For the period from January through August, sales at smart totalled 78,400 units.

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